Thursday, June 2, 2011

People With Talent!

The nice folks down at John Fluevog have a really neat contest on at the moment: people are invited to submit a design for an upcoming advertising campaign, with the winning image voted for by 'Vog fans online! Now, the "birds of a feather" love for Fluevogs from most Smoking Lily-ites has long been commented upon, so I know this will be of general interest to everyone. Even better, one of our lovely Vancouver regulars, Elisabeth, is the artist behind the absolutely stunning picture above, one of the four designs chosen by John Fluevog himself to be voted on--how awesome is that?!

Formerly a high school science teacher, it looks like Elisabeth may soon be at least semi-retired from her current career as a stay-at-home mum, having recently won a contract to illustrate a hotly anticipated children's novel. (Not a bad first gig for someone who claims to have discovered relatively late in life that she is insanely good at drawing! Did I mention she's also charmingly modest??)

Click here to check out all of the final designs and vote for your favourite--go, Elisabeth, go!--until June 7th.


Elisabeth said...

Thanks so much, Erin and Glenda! You guys are the best! I feel a little humbled by the glowing review....

Smoking Lily said...

Awe, you are too modest--that illustration is amazing!