Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Some 'Vog Love

We here at Smoking Lily have long been fans of the fabulous shoes at John Fluevog; it's nice to know they love us back! It has been brought to our attention that several Smoking Lily pieces have made their way into the May Everyday Shoes Calendar, a fabulous feature where, every month, a "Vogunteer" takes a photo of themselves each day wearing a pair of their favourite Fluevogs and it's posted in calendar form on Facebook.

Thanks so much to the lovely Miss May for flaunting our stuff in such a dashing manner. And to the Facebooker who wrote "Fluevog + Smoking Lily = match made in heaven," we couldn't agree more!

p.s. Sadly, the above pictured 113 Jacket from last year is no longer around, but everyone's favourite cephalopods can currently be had on our lovely Portabella Skirt and several scarves.


Mia said...

fluevog lace-up boots + dale skirt = a ton of comments. I agree - match made in style heaven!

Laurie said...

I thought that was your jacket when I saw the pic! Fantastic combo of my favorite things-Smoking Lily and Fluevogs!!!

Erin said...

Well, it's nice knowing Smoking Lily keeps such good company!