Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lily Home: peek into glenda's homewares

Here are a few shots of Lily Homewares in action in my home. Some items are available in our shops now, others were available in the past, and some were Special Orders and Print Yer Owns. Can you tell which are which? I'll date them for hints.

7 year old silk chiffon Bugz curtain

3 year old valise (and 7 year old acetate print from a window display)

4 year old Jellyfish pillow

3 year old Rotary Dial cocktail napkin

6 month old Bison tea towel (being used as an oven mitt)

Just a quick word about tea towels - no matter how pretty they are, they are meant to be used! I have found that many people are adverse to using cute tea towels. They hang as ornaments in the kitchen. But, our big tea towels are made from durable, absorbent cotton that is perfect for drying dishes, wiping hands, and folding up to grab hot items. I would advise you to put your Mom's habits aside and get those lovely tea towels off decorative hooks and out of drawers and use them. Make those mundane chores more fun by using something pretty. Really, it is those little things that can perk up your day!


Chris said...

Beautiful home, Glenda! I especially love the curtain. I'm looking for curtains for my house now and pretty curtains are hard to find for sure.

Leslie said...

Lovely pictures and ideas!

Julie said...

Agree with using pretty tea towels. Nice at the time and then you can buy new ones when they're looking a bit shabby!

Smoking Lily Vancouver said...

Chris - One way to find pretty curtains is to bring plain panels into (or mail them into) Smoking Lily. We can silk-screen them with the prints of your choosing. A great way to get unique curtains!