Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Vancouver Update: Hama Hama Cousins

We are so lucky in the Smoking Lily shops to come across a wide variety of people. Our customers are awesome! We have loads of lovely regulars and are constantly meeting interesting new customers.

These two gals are cousins, well second cousins I think, their Mom's are cousins. Irène (on the left) is from Switzerland, she was visiting her cousin Astrid in Vancouver. They came into the Main Street shop a couple of weeks ago.

They were so much fun. We kept feeding the change rooms with garments as they giggled, told stories, encouraged and assisted each other. They looked so cute in their Hama Hama Dresses as they accessorized with Obis that I asked to snap a few shots on my phone. When they left the shop, with their piles of new Lily garments, we all had big smiles on our faces. Thanks ladies, you were sweet!

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