Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lily of the Ages: 1996 Cosmetics Case

We have decided to share a "Lily of the Ages" post with you on our blog every Thursday. There is loads of "vintage" Lily floating around out there and we'd love to share some of our favourites, some pieces that customers wander into the shop with, memories of great designs past, and the like.

I took the photos below last week. A customer came into the Main Street shop and mentioned that she had received a gift from a friend that she has been using for years - 14 years!! Out of her purse she pulled a lovely quilted zip wallet that she uses (still uses!) as a cosmetics case. Her friend purchased it in 1996 at the Out of Hand Craft Fair in Victoria - the first Christmas craft fair we ever did.

Did that bring back memories for me?! Oh my, yes. It reminded me of the vitamin tablets that I gave to Trish and myself that very day thinking we needed lots of energy for the long and busy day ahead. Unfortunately, we were not prepared for the intense skin rash and hot flashes that ensued. Rather than breathing a sigh of relief that all the hard work was behind us, that now we just had to mingle with people and sell our wares, we were freaking out that we had contracted some strange disease or flu... and then I recalled the common reaction to Naicin (one of the vitamins we had taken). Oops! Sabotage! (Sorry Trish!) Fortunately the Naicin Flush didn't last long, and soon we were up for selling pretty zip wallets to lovely customers who were purchasing Christmas gifts for their friends.

Oh dear, my stomach hurts from laughing! Thanks to the customer who shared her story with us - I wish I had got your name.

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