Friday, June 4, 2010

The Oscillator

No, it's not a new ride at Playland, it's the newest creation out of the Lily studio. Erin and I did a little dance when we opened the shipment and these were laying on top! It's a super cute, comfy dress, with loads of lovely details.

I was actually taking photos of the Vancouver window display to post on the blog when we were so happily interupted. I immediately pulled the large Oscillator on and demanded that Erin take a shot of me in it, to share with you. Funny enough, I'm wearing my patent Fluevog boots today. So here's more proof of that excellent match - Fluevog and Smoking Lily!

The tag on this dress is giggle inducing. Thanks Trish for always keeping things fun here at Smoking Lily! The styles and prints have always kept people smiling - now even the inside of garments are worth investigating for quirkiness.

And finally, here's the Vancouver window display. The yellow Irises are just opening - awwhh.

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Anonymous said...

The dress is awesome and you look great.