Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Vancouver Update: Oscillators love barbeques!

Imagine my delight last Friday, showing up to an after work barbeque and finding Susanna, one of our awesome Vancouver regulars, snuggled up in our fleecy Oscillator Dress. Being fairly cold and dusky--thanks, Juneuary!--she had it paired with jeans and threw one of her sweet homemade sweaters over top for extra warmth. (And herein lies the genius of the Oscillator: breathable cotton is great for our not-generally-super-scorching summer days, while the fleecy goodness on the inside is perfect for our generally chilly summer nights.) Being a good sport and all, Susanna even agreed to strike a pose for the blog--lookin' good, lady!


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Erin said...

Yes, yes you are, Susanna. But you must promise to use your newfound power only for good:p