Monday, June 28, 2010

Where I Live: Fernwood...almost

I live in that weird zone in a city where the downtown
meets a great neighbourhood. Light industry, social out reach programs and lots of traffic. Not the prettiest part of the city, but it has its good points. I live eleven blocks from work, I can walk to most everywhere, so no need for a car.

This is our bocce court, a block from my house, the Harris Green.

This sign always cracks me up when I go buy perogies at the Polish deli Cook and Pan over on Cook. They make the best potato salad in the city.

Up the hill in Fernwood village there is always something fun happening. Last week we went to Fernwood Bites and wine and food festival, a fundraiser for the local NRG. The music was awesome. (Who were they?)

Zambri's Restaurant is with in walking distance, which is great because after eating all that delicious food your really need a walk.

No neighbourhood is complete until it has a farm. Down the street we have a great just needs to have a stand so you can buy veggies, then I would say I live in a perfect hood.

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