Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Step by Step Guide to a Lovely Summer Day in Victoria

Step 1 Park in a spot with all-day parking (Yates Street Parkade) or, better yet, walk downtown or take public transit. This way you can spend all day with no time restrictions. I also recommend turning off your phone or putting it on silent mode. It's now time to get lost in your own city.

Step 2 Eat something amazing. My favorite breakfast place is Lady Marmalade (608 Johnson Street). They make a Wild Pacific Salmon Bennie that is pure joy. There is a Lady Marmalade in Toronto, too!

Step 3 Saunter over to The Milkman's Daughter and treasure hunt. There's so much to explore in the shop, from great books to items for the home and, obviously, our awesome clothing. We also have one-of-a-kind furniture at this location that is a must see.

Step 4 Scour all vintage clothing shops along Johnson and Pandora. It's a chance to find great items to add to your wardrobe. Take your time; this type of shopping is a true art form. If you don't find anything for yourself, don't be bummed out--it's all a great place for inspiration.

Step 5 Head to our smallest Smoking Lily store on Johnson. Don't be scared to go inside, we don't bite! If you're looking for ideas on spring cleaning or organizing, the store is a good example. We have packed tons of merchandise nicely into a tiny little space--just saying:P Be sure to look up when you are inside as our store goes way, way, way up!

Step 6 Pink Sugar Cupcakery is the last stop, but is actually number one on the list of must do's for a "Lovely Summer Day in Victoria." They make beautiful pieces of art that you get to EAT! I'm alllllll over the "Dessert at Tiffany's" cupcake--it's chocolate with blue buttercream heaven. You can also place large orders for events and parties... or, hey, that's just the excuse I use when I buy more than one.

End to a Lovely Summer Day

Thanks to, and Pink Sugar Cupcakery for images.

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glenda said...

I need to spend a day in Victoria just wandering about sometime soon! Thanks for the inspiration Jo-Anne!