Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Random Photos

Tonight, after work, a few of us gals visited Steph and met Oliver. He is so cute, and smelled so good. It looks like Smoking Lily has a new model.

Nicole made this beautiful cake and brought it over to Steph's house. It was a rhubarb bundt cake, so delicious. We need to get her to share the recipe. Great job on the decorations too. Very creative Nicole. (Hey--This is Nicole, I came to share my recipe! I used two cups of rhubarb instead of one and a half and it worked fine...check out Mollie Katzen's other recipes too, they are all fantastic and have never failed me!)

I got my hair chopped off yesterday to celebrate the first day of summer.

Hello Victoria! I flew home, via float plane, after a great visit with some family in Vancouver (plus checking out the Main Street shop - love the new displays Glenda and Erin). I took this photo because I like the tree lines in the golf course and I think it would be a great print.

This is a photo of "the blue bridge" at the end of Johnson Street in Victoria. I'd never seen it from this view before.

Picked up this chair at the auction last week. We are going to re-upholster it in the next few weeks.

There you go, a little random, but I thought I would share a little of our lives.

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glenda said...

Love the aerial views Trish.

Thanks for the recipe Nicole. I have 2 huge rhubarb plants and a new rhubarb recipe to add to the repertoire is exciting. Maybe I'll take it to my Dad for a belated Father's Day present this weekend!