Thursday, May 19, 2011

Studio Update: What's goin' on!

Well if I were you, I'd be super curious as to what's going on in this awesome joint, the Smoking Lily studio. And lucky for you, Friday is the day we get to tell you!

As some of you may have noticed, Steph is super duper pregnant! She went on maternity leave last Friday and should be having her baby in the next week or two!! I can't believe it! We are all so excited and also very sad that she can't be here with us all of the time. We miss you Steph but will get over ourselves for the sake of your child.

In other news, we've made an awesome tunic dress. It's called the Squirrel Hunter. Thank you Joanne. It's really cute, as you will notice in the photo of me. There are two ample pockets, flattering princess seam lines and it's going to come in a variety of great colours. The fabric is a comfortable linen, rayon and Spandex blend. I can see it working for any season! There was supposed to be an arrow pointing to where you place the squirrel in the diagram below, but the arrow disappeared when I uploaded it. Sorry, you will have to use your imagination.

Trish just drew up a really amazing new print, the maple pods. The varying sizes and scattered pattern has such a nice flow, this will be a great addition to our fall line.

Also going on in here are new Rowan Dowans. We recently picked up some enticing new leathers in colours including a pink, hunter green and beautiful textured gold. Combined with Liz's excellent printing skills these Rowans are exciting indeed!


Anonymous said...

Ooooh! I love the maple pods!

glenda said...

I love the floating maple pods too! The Squirrel tunic looks like it's going to be a really flattering fit - looking forward to having them in the shop!

Smoking Lily Vancouver said...

These just arrived in the shop moments ago and we sold one out of the box! They are lovely!

granitegirl08 said...

ooooo! Will they be available on-line?

Anonymous said...

This looks so nice! Can you give an idea of the colours it will come in?