Monday, May 9, 2011

Victoria Stores Update: New Colours

With the winter weather fading away, and spring promising to be kind to us, it is time to bring forth the colour and tone we missed all last season. Departing from shades of neutrals we see in the stores bold blacks, stand-out reds, bright blues and hints of lavender. Dress up your wardrobe with an Obi belt or scarf in a bright accent colour, or come try on a new dress or top in a happy tone. Let's get noticed this spring!
Lavender Wonton Love, Black Locarno Pants, Red Obi Belt with Hearts, Sample Bag


Anonymous said...

Dear Smoking Lily Ladies,

Many thanks! I absolutely love my locarno pants in black. They've already taken me to the opera (paired with cydwoq flats) and to work - and I've only had them for two days. Please keep on coming up with cute, work-friendly basics.

-Megan (Victoria)

Smoking Lily said...

Thank you Megan, we are so happy to hear that they have been out on the town (and to a fancy function no less).


holly said...

Do you have a lot of the black pants available? I desperately want a pair but I have to work all week! Boo.

granitegirl08 said...

Are the black locarno pants available on-line? I only see the blue ones. Please.

Smoking Lily said...

yes we have some in the stores still and more fabric to cute more as we need. You can order them on line. or just email the info and we can call you for payment info. I'm sure the taleted Glenda will get a photo on a human up on the site soon.