Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May Long Weekend

I joined millions of other Canadians this weekend by finally planting my veggie garden. Our weather has been less than seedling friendly this May - cold and wet (and a big hail storm). So, the May long weekend became the deadline yet again.

I live in a house with 6 suites and a big back yard. My boyfriend, and his son, live in the apartment next door to me (we share the back deck), and a good friend and her boyfriend live in the apartment above me. Of the six suites we were the only ones interested in gardening - perfect! For Sunday and Monday we worked like a well-oiled machine, planning, organizing, shopping and planting.

On Saturday, the boys tilled the existing garden (used by the old oweners of the house for years and now empty for our experimentation) and a chunk of tenacious grass to use as a pumpkin patch. With the ground ready, we got rolling on our first year of serious gardening at The Big House.

This photo shows the garden space all sectioned out.

Christopher bucked up a bunch of stepping boards and plant markers for us from a pile of wood he was chopping up for camping fire wood (yay! camping is about to start soon too!).

Here's the garden almost complete.

The view to the house above, also shows the deck (tiny deck for such a huge yard but we fixed that by setting up a badminton court in the yard!).

Christopher built a structure to hold a removable tarp so that we now have an all-weather deck - nice!

and here's the start of the pumpkin patch. We dug and ammended the soil and planted pumpkins and squash and now we wait...

All in all a very productive 2 days!

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Smoking Lily said...

I'm crossing my fingers that our tomato plants will pull through this cold snap. How did your garden fare in the rainstorm?