Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Vancouver Update: Getting local with Marché St. George

A few weeks ago, Aiko wrote a great little post about some of the many benefits of buying "local," and in that vein, I thought I'd post some quickie snaps I took during a recent visit to the Marché St. George. Opened in a former corner store at the intersection of 28th and St. George here in East Van, the Marché strikes me as being a truly "neighbourhood" kind of place, with all sorts of delightful products and edibles largely--but not slavishly!--with a very 100 mile-ish bent.

Some locally made soaps I felt compelled to take home and test out (verdict: awesome!).

A cold case full of treats from near and far, including free-range eggs from Abbotsford.

The exceedingly friendly barista, Natasha.

Sourcing of the products aside, Marché St. George has such a great neighbourhood vibe that it's easy to see why they are becoming such a popular meeting place....Not to pick on chain stores/cafés, but the quirky, homey nature of Marché--run, as it is, by a young couple+extended family team--isn't exactly the kind of thing that generally comes out of corporate headquarters!

For more information, Andrew Morrison of Scout Magazine has written a review in this week's West Ender; be warned, however: his enthusiasm is catchy!


Smoking Lily said...

This place looks awesome, I will check it out next time I'm in the city. We have Niagra Market in Victoria and the owners just opened up a second location in Fairfeild Bicycles old location. We stopped there for yummy scones on the Tweed Ride.

Anonymous said...

they are actually on e. 28th ave. not 18th...
and it is great!

Erin said...

Thanks for the typo alert, Anon.!

I definitely recommend checking it out, Trish--there is such a good vibe and everything looks delicious and/or irresistible. Wouldn't it be awesome if *all* former corner stores started to be turned back into useful spaces for neighbourhoods?! One of the things that is so great about Montreal is the fact you can be walking through residential areas and consistently come across random, awesome-looking wine bars, cafés, grocers, etc....