Thursday, May 19, 2011

L.A. Foliage

Los Angeles isn't the greenest city I've visited, but some of their foliage is awesome. I do love that succulents are outdoor plants! and that horsetail is used as a form of short hedge (as opposed to a form of garden torture...but that's another story).

Here are a few of the pretty scenes of greenery I encountered.

Waiting for dinner outside of Umami Burger (Umami Urban in Hollywood where you can watch a movie on the giant screen out on the patio while munching on awesome veggie burgers - I hear the meat ones are good too).

Walking in Silver Lake next to the reservoir.

Pretty container in front of a shop in Venice Beach.

There's the cool horsetail!

Ha ha! Graffiti on an agave plant - first time I've seen that.

What is this thing of bizarre beauty?

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Smoking Lily said...

beautiful photos. Love the graffiti on the Agave plant.