Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lily Spotlight

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and inside the studio we are still busy as bees making things! As it gets warmer out, everyone starts to think to themselves, "Hmmm.... I really do need to add a few lovely items to my wardrobe... summer items even!".

Well, today, for the first time it felt like summer may be on the horizon here in Victoria. And, today for the first time, I got to silkscreen actual clothing pieces! I have done a bit of printing, here and there, such as paper bags, cotton print scarves, and adding a print to a table of fabric before it is cut....but today was a bit of a milestone for me in the printing world!

It was me and the Fandango skirts today, squaring off. With three different prints (the cruiser bike, the side plate, and the swerns) and printing over a side seam, I feel pretty good about my first print job completed! These skirts are a steal of a deal for $54; lightweight with swing, they are a perfect start-to-summer skirt.

Here is Joanne modelling a freshly-printed Fandango skirt!


Anonymous said...

Sweet! Nice job :)

Jen said...

Love this skirt! Are they available in stores now?

Mia said...

Yay! Beautiful work.

I love every Lily thing I own, but this skirt takes the cake for sure. If I had known about a cruiser printed one I would've waited!

smoking lily said...

yes they are in stores NOW!

Anonymous said...

Bought the fandango skirt and love it. Please make it in other colours too!!!