Thursday, May 12, 2011

Lily Home: Kid's Hassocks

As many of you are probably aware, our Designer/Production Coordinator Stephanie is currently expecting. Like many soon-to-be mothers, she is starting to prepare her nest, and last night I caught her silk-screening a run of hassocks, one of which will be for her own home. Both practical and pretty, our hassocks are perfect for all stages of babyhood and beyond. Stuffed with fabric remnants, they are sturdy and solid, but without hard edges or corners, making them safe, too. During infancy the hassocks can be used as a footstool in the nursery when feeding the baby, a convenient place to sit for parents bouncing babies on their knee, a tool for learning how to stand and then cruise, a little table or chair for bigger little ones, and of, course as a rough and tumble crash pad/jumping platform for those more adventurous thrill seekers. The sturdy construction, washable canvas cover, and brilliant colours and patterns are sure to brighten up any room, providing years of ever-changing usefulness.

Small Hassock $110 Large Hassock $210
Newly printed hassock panels

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