Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Vancouver Update:

Gardening has been a theme this weekend. We got the window box in front of the Main Street shop all spruced up too!

That's the pretty light grey Lucrezia Dress with fuchsia belt in the window.

We have a few new items in the shop as well: the Squirrel Hunter Tunic!

The Love Score Tee printed with Kelp, Seahorses and Sparks!

Black Hama Hama Tops printed with floating tulip heads!

and a few awesome new Tea Towels!

(As I was typing this I heard a shout in the street and some horns honking, I guess the Canucks scored! Time for me to go bug my neighbour with a TV...)


Jen said...

Oh, Smoking Lily, how I love thee! Already purchased my Squirrel Tunic, and I love it more everyday. Now I see the need for more tea towels and a new t-shirt after seeing these new goodies! Is it wrong for me to force myself not to come in everyday because I love you guys so much??

Smoking Lily Vancouver said...

Hi Jen,

We love having frequent visits with our regular customers. In Victoria, stock is refreshed each day. In Vancouver, we get shipments each week on Tuesdays and Fridays. As those are the prime days to nab things hot off the presses, we get a gaggle of Lily fans dropping in on Main Street, for a preview of new items and a nice chat. It's lots of fun.

See you soon!