Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Vancouver Update: Cherry Blossoms

The ornamental cherry blossoms on our side street, here at 21st and Main Street in Vancouver, have finally bloomed! They are at their most gorgeous peak of powder pouf pink!

I love the pretty shadows cast in the photo below, and the first sprinkling of pink petals, and most of all the appearance of a dog's head in the pavement (looking to the right along the crack).

The blossoms held back during our abnormally cold April and have now bloomed for what Trish has dubbed "Mavember". Any West Coasters will recall last year's "Junuary". We now have our fingers and toes crossed that our current unseasonably cold weather will run it's course quickly so we can move on to shed our wrist warmers and scarves.

For now, we have a limited run of Silk Satin Ascots available ($54). They are warm ('cause they're silk), pretty ('cause they are silk satin) and fun ('cause we have nice colours and interesting prints on them). The perfect accessory to brave the cool days and downright chilly evenings of Spring without looking like you are dressing for winter!


Smoking Lily said...

Is it a shadow that looks like a dog or is it the shadow of a dog?

Smoking Lily Vancouver said...

I think it's some sort of water stain - weird.