Monday, March 14, 2011

Victoria Store Update: So many cute little things!

Happy Monday everyone! It's not a fantastic day weather-wise here in Victoria, but at least this weekend was quite nice. I was in the store this slightly rainy Saturday and I thought I'd snap a few photos of all the sweet little wallets and cases we have for sale now in the store. Wouldn't it be lovely to pick one of these items up as an add on to a birthday gift, or as a pick me up for that friend of yours who could use a little surprise cheer up? I've also admittedly included a gratuitous shot of what the mannequin was wearing Saturday. I may be coveting the new Bamboo/Rayon blend scarves we just got in, or perhaps the new Cypress pleated skirt... and yes, I do own two of the Cardigans. I may have to do some shopping of my own!

The newest of our little wallets collection, the "Easy Daisy." Only $18. Perfect for cards and change!

I took this shot in the studio a few weeks back. A run of our "Hearts for Haiti" pins. Only $6 each and we donate all of it to the red cross.

Eyeglasses case. New Prints and linings! $22

The Spanish Banks, made of recycled leather patches! Including the world's cutest 3'' zipper. $18

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Brittany Smith said...

I'm considering making a trip to Victoria just for the purpose of visiting your shop., love everything you gals do.