Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Vancouver Update: Slickity Jim's Reopens!

Remember this sad day?

This photo (via Scout Magazine) is of the old Slickity Jim's Chat and Chew that was on Main Street near Broadway. Slickety's was no more and that was a big loss to the neighbourhood.

It's been over a year, but now there's good news. Slickety Jim's has reopened!! At 3469 Main Street.

Mike gave me a quick tour of the place before they opened on Saturday, and it was looking great! He will be open for breakfast through dinner, and with a nice bar to belly up to, I'd imagine there'll be lots of neighbourhood after-work drinks and snacks goin' on.

photo via Metro News

Congratulations Mike! We'll be seeing you real soon.


Smoking Lily said...

only two blocks away form the shop! Yah!

Mia said...

Excitement! Guess where I'm going for brunch when I'm back in Van?! Slickety Jim's, right after I visit the Main St shop!

glenda said...

Erin and I went for breakfast at Slickity's this morning! It was as satisfying as ever.

Only 2 blocks away - could become habit forming!

Anonymous said...

that photo is actually of what was Zocalo's with the pink door, not slickity jims...