Friday, March 4, 2011

Blog Love: Compliments from L.A.

One of the reasons I really love working at Smoking Lily is that the people who come in are always just so lovely, and yesterday was no exception. I had the pleasure of meeting Janene, a fantastically stylish gal visiting Vancouver for the first time from L.A. We had lots of fun chatting, getting the whole store involved in a "Should one move from L.A. to Vancity?" discussion; it's always a thrill to get such positive feedback about the shop--and from a designer, no less (not that we generally get negative feedback, but you know what I mean!)! Imagine our delight upon receiving an email from Janene this afternoon with a link to a wonderful piece she has written about us on her blog, Hairpik!

Thanks for the blog love, Janene! And if you ever decide to trade in your L.A. sunglasses for a Vancouver raincoat, come on back in for a visit--we'd be tickled pink to have you as a regular.

The super cute illustration above was snagged from Janene's blog, Hairpik.

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hairpik said...

thanks for the link back! janene