Friday, March 4, 2011

Lily Inspiration: Reverse Inspiration

I recently relocated to a very awesome little apartment in James Bay; I am so excited with my new neighborhood that I wanted to do a little blog post about my walk to work and how much I love my new area. Literally just steps from my front door there is a Starbucks, a Thrifty's, my bank, a spa, a funky movie/pet store, and just 140 steps away (to be exact) is the Spinnakers liquor store...need I say more? I decided I was going to take photos of the cool shops, all the cute dogs, and the unique people I see on my way to work, so this morning I grabbed my camera and off I went with U2's "Where the Streets Have No Name" playing on my iPod. People were giving me funny looks as I, in typical tourist fashion, stopped in the middle of the sidewalk to snap pics of anything and everything I found interesting.

About seven minutes into my jaunt I passed the Parliament buildings and I was struck by something totally different. I saw a regal fountain with an official crest behind it, statues I didn't know existed, walkways and paths, old buildings, and big, tall trees. Everything had an imperial, British feel to it and it got me thinking about the upcoming royal wedding of Prince William and Kate, which then lead my thoughts to some of the new prints we have at Smoking Lily. Trish recently created some screens that have a very royal vibe to them: "The Crown" and "The Crest." We also have the Queen silhouette, a favorite of mine from last year...

Suddenly snapping out of it, I realized how long I had been taking photos and gawking at the scenery... I ran the rest of the way to work.

Thanks to for a pictures.

I also stummbled across Gunter Marx photo's when looking for some of Victoria. Amazing shots.

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Nice post Jo-anne. Love the new prints!