Friday, March 18, 2011

Lily Inspiration: Refined Macabre

While in Seattle recently, Trish and I spoke with an artist we had been searching for, for ages. I purchased a small piece of his more than two years ago. We thought they would be interesting to carry in our shops, but he proved to be impossible to find. Then, miraculously, his pieces appeared, and there he was to shower with our praise and questions. I will keep him a secret for now, but soon (early April) his attractively bizarre pieces will be arriving in our shops.

What I will share with you now is his description of his work: "Refined Macabre."

The words instantly hit home with us; it was a new way to describe the "strange and beautiful" aesthetic that we are drawn to and compelled to create. Love it!

Here are a few examples of our work that I feel fit the moniker of Refined Macabre:

Beach Blanket with Skulls, Jellyfish...

Cameo Belt with Skull and Target

Ornament with Skeleton

Shop display with Skeletor--in progress

Nightengale Capelet with Enormous Heart

Duvet Set with Enormous Heart

Footstool with Stag Beetle

Hama Hama Dress with Fly

18th century costume with Bugz

In the photo above there is a hint to the art work we will be carrying...

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