Friday, March 4, 2011

Second-Hand Shopping: Score!

I love second-hand shopping and have found many of the accoutrements in our Vancouver shop by scouring through the cast-offs of others.

I headed out yesterday afternoon to look for some trinkets to add to our planned Spring Window and Shop Freshen-up. We have lots of lovely new spring garments in the shop and I felt that some fresh display items would complement the atmosphere nicely. I did find some sweet deals on a variety of goodies that will be up on display soon. Upon installation, I'll post photos of the Vancouver shop Spring decor for you, but today I'm going to share a personal score - brass flatware!

I have been on the hunt for flatware for the last 5 years. I know! That sounds ridiculous, but it was way harder than I originally thought to find something I liked. Everything was too traditional, too 80's modern, or too expensive. After a recent blurg with some awesome expensive sets (backordered to the next millenia, bad customer service, and wholesale barriers), I went back to my familiar state of back-burner hoping that the flatware would find me.

Voila! A 144 piece set of brass cultery in excellent condition. Twelve place settings and accessories for $89! Yay, second-handing!

The photo above is of my steaming miso soup breakfast, with lovely brass soup spoon of course! I'm going to have to research what all the other spoons and forks are for - there are 4 of each!

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