Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lily Home: Print Yer Owns

Flipping through any of the House & Home-type magazines that I am totally addicted to, in addition to wondering how anyone keeps that many square feet so clean--I suspect the answer might be, "the maid!"--I often notice a distinct lack of personality on display. (The question of why I keep these subscriptions is a good one. Hmm....) If only these poor folks with high-priced decorators knew that Smoking Lily could help them! What to do with bland, plain silk curtains? Cover them with hot pink flies! Or bright blue jackals (see below)! With Smoking Lily Print Yer Owns, the possibilities are (almost) endless.

Yes, that's, right, you can bring your own things in for us to print! Come on in with cushion covers, sheets, drapery panels, or upholstery fabric: as long as it is primarily a natural fiber (inks don't like to stick to polyester), flat, and has little surface texture, we can silk screen it for you. Tired of your plain white lap blanket? Put a bird on it! ...or whatever you'd like. Our hefty print bible (pictured above) is crammed with over 350 images and 40 ink colours to choose from.

A couple of recently completed Print Yer Owns whose proud owners graciously agreed to let us show them off online:

A black drapery panel custom printed with Wise Owls.

Anatomical Hearts printed on a duvet set; grey on one side red on the other.

Prices are calculated based on how long the printing takes to complete: $100 per hour, or adjusted for portion thereof (minimum 30 mins for $50). As I mentioned above, some fabrics, such as synthetics or super stiff new denim, don't like to take ink, but sometimes we can work around these issues (we once printed a set of nylon Ikea boxes after it was agreed that they'd never be washed--good happy ending!). If you're curious, however, don't be shy about calling or emailing with questions--we love helping out with Print Yer Own projects, as the results are always so unique!

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Aimee said...

What a great idea!

Love the Portlandia reference. We recently discovered the show and that episode had me tearing up. My husband asked if it hit a little too close to home. Yeah, I like birds.