Monday, March 7, 2011

New Garden State Colours!

I'm home again after a very pleasant week in Mexico. We went to Isla Mujeres on the east coast, a short ferry ride from Cancun. Drank lots of beer, ate great food, read lots between my many naps, and got a bad ass sun burn--all the things you want from a holiday.

Just before I left, we finished the first run of the new Garden State Dress, and I snagged one for my trip. I wore it four out of seven days--LOVE IT! The new fabric is bamboo and is great for traveling: breaths, doesn't get stinky, and washes well. The style of the dress was great too, as it feels casual but has class. Right now Apple Green and Periwinkle are available, and very soon we will have Tomato and Turquoise.

Hope you enjoy the photo of Rick and myself practicing for retirement.


glenda said...

Wow, you two will fit in nicely in Palm Springs!

Love the attitude Rick!

Erin said...