Monday, March 7, 2011

Johnson St. Store

It is a beautiful, sunny, warm, delicious day here in Victoria and I snapped some great, colourful pics of our tiny store on Johnson Street to share with everyone out in blogland!

Scarf Central: we have a variety of cotton and wool cut scarves, as well as some new bamboo/rayon pretties.

Our happy flower pots decorating the store exterior.

The top half of the wee store.

The Wonton Love in pink (and one of the one-of-a-kind Ivanhoe bags).

Some leather brooches and wool hand-warmers for those still-cool evenings.

A stack of the men's tees in our new colours: olive, light blue, grey and fuchsia! (This is the fuchsia Glenda was talking about in the last post.)

A fitted women's viscose tee with a Cicada.

And last but not least, a close-up of the viscose tee colours. Can you tell that we love pink this season? We're really subtle about it.


Anonymous said...

Can the wanton love top be had in the mail? What are the sizes, colours and price, please?

Smoking Lily Vancouver said...

Yes, the Wonton Love tops are available via mail order.

Sizes - small, medium and large
Colours - Moroccan Blue, Lipstick Red
Price - $104

Photos to be posted on the website, soon.