Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tiny Tiny Tees!

Over the weekend Liz and I did some serious brainstorming (mostly Liz) about what prints to put on some tiny little tees that I bought. I was thinking about all the little ones in my life and one in particular stands out. His name is Mason Mark Plows and he is so itty bitty little and hugely cute. He is a future Smoking Lily model and will be this weekend when I go to visit him and play dress up. Mason might not be big enough for the tee I got for him but I'm sure he will grow into it.

I peeked over to the printing area and I saw a big shipment of bright colored tees and onsies, so watch the stores for more.

Thank you to Courtney Munson-Boutin for her photo's of Mason.

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