Friday, March 11, 2011

Lily Inspiration: Cheesy T.V.

While deciding what to write about today, I came up with a number of options I thought might be of interest. There was a great little article in this week's Westender about Village Vancouver, a fabulous, homegrown network of folks that's all about getting green and getting to know your neighbours. I have also been thinking a lot about an article I read a couple months back about Tomas Maier, the somewhat unlikely champion of buying less who is currently el capitan of Bottega Veneta. Additionally, I've been crushing pretty hard on some colours lately (hello, coral! Mustard!!).

After much parsing of ideas, however, you know what I've really been enjoying recently? T.V.! I cannot believe I am admitting this, but all I want to do lately is veg out and hit up the boob tube when I get home. Awful, right? Wrong! Not with the absurdly entertaining BBC miniseries Sherlock to watch. You got it, the BBC has created an updated take on everybody's favourite drug addicted sleuth--or "high-functioning sociopath," as he describes himself in the first episode--and plunked him in contemporary London.; Watson is even a recent Afghan War vet--weird!

On a vaguely fashion-related note, I should point out that there are some very awesome, high-end wallpapers featured throughout. The tree print paper in the clip above is dilapidated, crumbling old building fodder? Puh-lease!


Smoking Lily said...

Hi Erin
I have two comments about your post. Fist I've seen two episodes and love it. I like the way it is shot, and love the colours of the film. Sherlock cracks me up and Watson...well, I have a bit of a crush on the poor sod.
Second, I had a meeting with abook seller this week and she informed me that 'Chickens are the new knitting'

Smoking Lily said...

I should really wear my glasses when I write. Sorry for the typos.

Erin said...

Ack! The computer at work gets so gummy with videos I didn't watch this clip before posting it--it totally gives the ending away!!!

Erin said...

Phew, different clip up...

I'm glad you like it, too, Trish. Watson *is* pretty lovable.

Chickens are the new knitting? Awesome!