Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lily Spotlight: Print Yer Owns, Part II!

Last week I wrote about the fabulous world of home decor Print Yer Owns, but didn't mention all the fun clothing and accessories we can screen, as well. That's right, not only can we print your drapes and cushion covers, but we are happy to do shirts, skirts, dresses, and bags, too!

Here are some quick shots of recent Print Yer Owns that more gracious customers have agreed to share with their fellow Smoking Lily-ites:

Large squirt of lapis ink, ready to be applied on a lovely pink silk bag.

Et voilĂ ! A happy, bright blue jellyfish.

Navy men's hoodie, already subtly screened with our "Park" print...

...awaiting addition of "Side Bike" in light blue ink.

Ok, these last two photos aren't really Print Yer Owns, but they were such awesome Special Order men's tee shirts, I just want to show them off!

"Negative Forrest" screen taped off and in place on black tee:

Greyhounds and raccoons frolicking in the woods--awesome!

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