Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Vancouver Update: Springiness

We have made some Springy display updates in the Vancouver shop and are working on more. Here are some photos of newness and Springiness in store for you.

We changed up the jewelry display to be much more colourific (yes I'm taking liberties with the English language today!). I found these weird spools at Urban Source, a great place to find odd items to use for all manner of crafting. Fortunately, they are located just 5 blocks north of us on Main Street. Frequent visits are fun!

The Erica Weiner pieces look really interesting on the spools. We have a few new pieces from her line including the super sweet Faux Turquoise stud earrings at the bottom left of the photo.

We also received some new pieces by Vancouver jewelry design Sophie Wyser. Her line is called Random Revival and is constructed from new and used pieces of interesting materials that she reworks and combines to make really beautiful earrings and necklaces (I should do a full blog post on her soon - she's awesome!).

These old tubes are the new lighting I installed over the cash desk. The 60's vibe and colours go well with the kooky bright spools.

Here's a sneak peek into the next window display...

And for Spring garments...the most recent Luv Affair incarnation! Gorgeous stretch cotton twill with lace print, delicately scattered with blue Beetles. How great would this be to wear to a Spring wedding?

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Smoking Lily said...

so nice. The rolls remind me of vintage hair rollers. The lights about the cash desk are awesome!Can't wait to see it all in person tomorrow!