Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lily Home: New Tea Towels!

I had it all planned out that I was going to do this awesome blog post using my Smoking Lily tea cozy and matching cocktail napkin set today. Alas.

The time came faster than I thought (I was in the store yesterday! It was busy!) So here I am showing you something else... something just as cool, but just not quite as "at use in my home" as I would like to demonstrate... actually... hold on, I might have a Facebook photo of a crepe breakfast tea party I recently hosted!.... Yes, I do!! You may be able to seek out the hidden Smoking Lily items amongst the table. (A sort of where's Waldo of tea accoutrements per say.)

Okay, so here it is, a very cool -brand new- black checked tea towel with seahorse print, and a photo of my kitchen table overflowing with flowers, food, and my favourite matching red with scissors tea cozy and matching napkins! (Yes, those are bobbins as well as scissors on the tea cozy... I am such a sewing nerd... mmm crepes...)

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Smoking Lily Vancouver said...

A crepe breakfast party - nice idea Nicole. The table looks lovely. And those poppies are humongous!!