Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Spotlight: OBI Belt

My favorite item in the store right now is most definitely the OBI Belt.

For the tall and the short, and women of every size and shape, the Obi Belt is the perfect accessory for any outfit. You can dress up your dresses, cinch in a tunic, feel fabulous in a T-Shirt and go from day to evening glamourous with a quick switch of this multi-purpose wrap.

Wear it "point up" to give an empire waist, or "point down" at the natural waist to lengthen your torso.

Tie it in a half bow off to the side for a structured statement, or a centered box knot with the ends hanging for a "casual but put-together" look.

Tie it at the hip for a drapey feel, or fold it and put it through the belt loops of your favorite jeans to add style and colour.

The reversible fabric prints also do double-duty to add an accent colour to your outfit or bring up a colour from your base garment.

Come in store today and let us tie one on you. This accessory is meant to be played with, and it loves it!

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