Friday, July 16, 2010

Lily Inspiration: Strange and Beautiful

Strange and Beautiful is one of our favourite combos around here - esthetically speaking. I'm sure you are all pretty aware of that, having taken home a-line skirts covered in flies, leather handbags with peek-a-boo anatomical hearts, and silk scarves with chrysantemums and sperm (our "Mums and Dads" print).

In September of 2008, Trish and I were strolling around Toronto, taking in the the sites and smells and tastes. Gathering inspiration as one always does while travelling. One day while walking well down to the end of Queen St. W., we stopped to inspect a wooden ladder that had been wrapped in colourful rags. It hit the strange and beautiful mark dead on. That ladder was filed away in our minds for future inspiration.

Then, last summer, the memory of that ladder became a Lily window display. We silk-screened 60's floral bedsheets, tore them into strips, and wound the rags around a lamp, a chair and some antlers. Strange! and Beautiful! we thought.

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