Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Victoria Store/Studio Update: New Bag for Your Bike

I just finished up a run of exciting new bags for your bike! ...These are not to be confused with the famous "bike bag"... and are in fact quite different. 

Made of durable, weather resistant leather, these little guys are totally awesome for carrying all sorts of things about on your bicycle. 

It has multiple strap snap settings for fitting onto whatever part of your (or type of) bike you have to strap it to. When you're parked, unsnap it and attach it to your belt or bag strap and use as a carry all. 

Imagine all the places you could fit it! Very cool, very practical...I can't wait to get out in the sun on my bike ride home to show this beauty off! (Also featured, a very awesome photo of a run of Jack wallets I recently finished, in exciting bright new leather!)

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