Thursday, July 29, 2010

Studio Update: Babies and Fabric kits

This is Sam!

His mom was kind enough to let me take a picture of him when they came by the store the other day. Isn't he SO cute??

Sam's mom is obviously very talented and creative. She made Sam's top even cuter with the addition of a few of our silkscreened bees she cut out of some fabric she found in one of our fabric kits. She says she also has a piece of the turquoise Oscillator dress fabric printed with rice and is in the process of making Sam a new pair of sweatpants! Fantastic and amazingly adorable!

Our Fabric kits are made using the extra bits we have leftover after we cut out our clothing... we pack up all the bit bits along with patches, zippers and ribbon ready for you to get creative! With lots of different kinds of good quality material there is a plethora of wonderful items awaiting your creation!
Yayy for using your hands and materials that would otherwise be cast aside!

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