Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Vancouver Update: Posy Lights

I made some lighting for over the cash desk in the Vancouver shop awhile ago, and they have been getting lots of attention. I've been flattered to have people ask if they are from Anthropology! Wow, thanks!

Truth is they were easy - you could make them yourself. Here are some shots of them, and the brief instructions (sorry I didn't take any shots during the process of making them). For further electrical instructions check out wikiHow or other DIY sites.

Here's Erin gazing up at them. They are Sterling Silver Posy Vases that I turned upside down.

I drilled holes in the bottom of them with a metal drill bit. I fed a threaded rod through the hole and then fed electrical wire through the rod. I screwed a light socket to the rod on the inside of the vase and attached the wires. I then attached plugs to the other end of the wires and voila! Pretty hanging lights!

Well, truth be told, then I had my contractor boyfriend go up into the crawl space and drill a hole over the cash desk so that there were no cords dangling (thanks Christopher, it's kinda gross up there!). But, at home I would have hung them from a ceiling hook with the cords running down the wall.

The filigree detail lets the light through beautifully. I'll bet there are loads of other innocuous items laying in second hand stores, or in your basements, that could be used to create similar strange and beautiful lighting.

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