Monday, July 11, 2011

Victoria Store Update: Meet the whole family!

I didn't realize it until now, but we have been giving all of the clothing around here people names recently. We usually stick to descriptive terms, obscure words, perhaps names of places, but we've really been keen on the "actual" name names these days. I guess it happened by fluke for the most part. The Keith skirt got named that because of the man who came from the Globe and Mail to do an interview in the studio. He wondered what the name of the new skirt I was sewing was, and Trish jokingly said "It's called the Keith!" He seemed to not mind. The Donna tunic came around because I called the new tunic "That 70's tunic" for lack of a better name. That wasn't going to cut it, so naturally we came to "The Donna" instead. The Lucrezia dress, is in fact a name too (and not an obscure word!) This is the name of a girl from the TV show "The Borgias" which Steph and I became rather enthralled with recently. Lucrezia Borgia was in fact a real woman (according to wikipedia). With such a cool name and family history we just had to name the prettiest of our dresses after her. So yes, come on by and meet the whole family! Keith, Donna and Lucrezia would be happy to make your acquaintance!

The Lucrezia, in the new plaid fabric

The Keith Skirt, in a beautiful new blue

The Donna tunic, in its many resplendent colours

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Stephanie said...

What?!? Plaid Lucrezia? Are there any left? I need one!