Friday, July 15, 2011

Where I Went On My Vacation: A little taste of sunshine

One month ago today I was laying in the hot sun, sipping fresh pineapple juice, while waiting for a plane to take me from Maui back to Vancouver. If you haven't been to Hawaii... I recommend opening up another window in your Internet browser and booking a trip right now. Young, old, kids, no kids, it's a must do trip. I went with my sister Charlotte and her two boys Charlie and Parker... Hilarious and fun.

We happened to see some of Anthony Hopkins' art on display in Lahaina. Very awesome and inspiring.

Parker got in trouble from security for splashing too much.

Volcano beach at the end of a dirt road.

Doing out best Sports Illustrated pose.

My favorite spot for shopping was Paia. Lots of locally made products and clothing. There was a bikini shop called Maui Girl that makes all their bathing suits right there in Maui. You can custom order a bikini just the way you want it. Paia also has a Flatbread pizza place with amazing flat bread pizzas smothered in cheese, attentive staff and a great selection of crayons with a mission statement to better the lives of all who eat there and as well as all their staff and community members.

Best Trip of All Time.

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glenda said...

I love Maui too! I have visited there a few times and always stay near Paia - so much less touristy, good private beaches, yeah the Flatbread Pizzas, and the best grocery store ever - Mana Foods.

The art walk in Lahaini is pretty funny - so many ocean paintings and sunburned bodies. Very entertaining.

The Savers (like Value Village) in Kahului is awesome. The last time I was on Maui I brought back 15 pairs of heels from Savers for a grand total of less than $100 (I was there for a full month and shopped there once a week - that doesn't make it sound any less ridiculous, I know!).

And how about the Lilikoi (passionfruit) Mousse at Consuelo's in Haiku?! There is a good gym and a good yoga studio there to help work off the pudding.

Oh Oh, now I do want to book another trip. Thanks Jo-anne!