Friday, July 1, 2011

Lily Inspiration: Homes away from Home

Today I will be venturing off into the wilderness (after we get out of Calgary I suppose) for a month long road trip with my best fella. We will be travelling all over BC, Alberta and the Yukon. Our general route incorporates visits to friends in big cities, family, and a pal currently tree planting up in Manning. Below a very rough map of our route, as we once we finish paying visits to those good aforementioned folk we will be going wherever the wind takes us.

During the trip our awesome 1994 Toyota Previa will be our home away from home, decked out with a leisurely bed in the back, a trunk full of supplies, mini cooler, poorly made curtains (by yours truly) as well as a bunch of books on tape, books in real life, backgammon, sketch pads, guitars and a harmonica.
(me sewing in some velcro around the windows for curtains)

I've been having a ton of fun polishing up the Thunderwagon into cozy home away from home and making up new and interesting ways of organizing and containing all the things for our trip. Seeing as we won't usually be near computers, my blogs will most likely be few in July, but expect some awesome shots and accounts of travel once I return.



Smoking Lily Vancouver said...

'bye Liz, have fun! We're looking forward to all the stories upon your return!


glenda and Erin

Renee said...

we miss you liz!!!