Saturday, July 16, 2011

Studio Update: Print Yer Owns and Special Orders On Hold

We are told that it is summer here on the West Coast (I urge those of you West of the Rocky Mountains not to look out of your window if you want to maintain that delusion today). Despite the unpredictable weather, many of us have booked vacation days at the end of July. With the mass exodus of optomistic staff, our studio will be pretty quiet over the next two weeks.

So, from July 21st to August 2nd, there will be no Special Orders or Print Yer Own Orders taken. Don't worry, we'll get right back at it after that.

I have my fingers crossed that our wonderful silk-screeners and sewers will be lounging pool-side with frosty cocktails, rather than drinking hot toddies and snuggling under blankets to watch old movies. Bon voyage mes amis!

(If you haven't discovered the wonders of Special Orders and Print Yer Owns, feel free to call any of the shops and we'll fill you in on the fantastic possibilities for custom Smoking Lily products!)

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