Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Vancouver Update: Lily at Stanley Park Concert

On Saturday night, Christina and I closed up the Main Street shop, hopped on our bikes, met up with our boyfriends, and cycled down to Stanley Park to enjoy some of the free concerts put on for Canada's 125th birthday.

Christina reminded me to bring my camera, as we were all clad in Smoking Lily, naturally!

It was a busy, boisterous, friendly atmosphere. We met up with and bumped into numerous friends (including 2 visiting from LA) and so my camera lay forgotten for most of the night as we chatted and cajoled and listened to Neko Case and then The New Pornographers. Here are a few of the snaps that I did take:

Christina took the photo of her boyfriend Blair's affection for Neko - hilarious!

We cut out a little early to avoid the crowds and managed to snake our way around Lost Lagoon. It was a fun and refreshing ride through the dark park. We stopped in Yaletown for a snack and then hopped on the Canada Line train with our bikes, to avoid the big hill on the way home at 1:00am. As much as I thought I should feel lame putting my bike on the train, I must admit that it was really nice to cruise downhill the last few blocks toward home...

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