Saturday, July 9, 2011


Hi, my name is Rose. I am the new 'studio gal' which, to me, feels like I've just been given a super-hero name. I'm new to the crew at Smoking Lily and The Milkman's Daughter, happy to be here helping to create the clothing that we all know and love.

I'm an artist and feel the most at home in a studio where inspiration and creativity flow. I've quickly learned that inspiration for the Lily crew comes from everywhere, even from a peek outside their own window.

Out on the rooftop this year's small batch of seagull babies (apparently this is a annual phenomenon) nestle in their nest, waiting for their doting parents to feed them. They hatched not long ago and are growing right before my eyes. I'm sure it won't be long before they fly off to the mean streets of Victoria in search of new adventures, maybe some kyaking or eating ice-cream?

So it seems fitting that hot off the printing tables today came the new Donna dress with soaring birds on an absolutely bewitching sapphire blue.

The colour is really rich and alluring, there's just something about it... It reminds me of phthalocyanine blue paint, or the ink of my favourite pen sliding across white lined paper.

I could see myself wearing this to an art show opening, roaming the beach with my journal, or hitting the Galloping Goose trail on some roller skates. But then again everything goes with roller skates.


Smoking Lily said...

Nice post Rose. We like having you at the studio too.

glenda said...

Hi Rose,

It was nice to meet you in Victoria!