Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Vancouver Update: Customer Love

I know I've written in the past about how awesome our customers are, but I've been really feeling the love, as it were, the past couple of days. A few days ago, one of our Vancouver regulars came by to pick up a couple of Print Yer Own shirts, including one rather wee-sized tee. Within a day, he had thrown this super cute photo of his son modeling his new duds up on our Facebook page; thanks, Phil! We find it so gratifying to see our things in action and to know that they are loved (and your "little man" is quite the model!).

Yesterday, in the midst of all that incredibly depressing, positively biblical rain we had, I received a super sunny phone call from Sara, another of our lovely Vancouver regulars. Sara was just ringing in to let me know that the white lace Luv Affair Dress and golden silk obi sash she had purchased the day before were her new favourites out of all the Smoking Lily items she has ever had. Furthermore, she was so excited with them she just had to pull them out to show the perfume sales gal at Holt's later that day, who was apparently also very taken with them--yay! Thank you for sharing such a happy story on such a sad, grey day, Sara. (...and if you send me a photo of you modeling your fabulous new outfit, I'd love to post it here!)

Last, but not least, Glenda and I arrived this morning to a very cheerful thank-you note from one of our lovely mail order customers in Saskatchewan. Now, cards of thanks are in no way necessary--we appreciate your business!--but we got such a kick reading that Monique's elementary students heartily approve of her Smoking Lily duds.

....and this is also why I'm not kidding when I tell people that we have the best customers in the world. Thanks for being so wonderful, guys!

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Smoking Lily said...

Nice! The little dude looks great in the tee. Thanks for sending in the photo Phil!