Friday, April 8, 2011

Inspiration: My Garden - A Five Year Journal

It's such a beautiful day, here in Victoria. The sun is shining and Trish is taking off early to spend time in her garden. This reminded me that the Milkman's Daughter has recently received a book called My Garden - A Five Year Journal. The planner is designed to help you enjoy five (or even more) years of progress in your garden.

A great mother's day present. $24.95

There's plenty of growing tips and even an envelope in the back to keep seeds.

In years to come, the journal will help you remember temperatures, new plantings and garden visitors.

Also, there's section about container gardening, which would be great in Woolly Pockets. They are available for indoor and outdoor and range in price from $24--$125. Happy Gardening!


Smoking Lily said...

I said earlier in the week I was going to work on my basement, but after reading your post Korinne, I'm going to work in the garden. I just need to figure out where I left glove and clippers. I think every spring I go and buy need ones. Really should clean that basement.

Smoking Lily said...

I just bought the latest issue of Readymade magazine and there is an easy DYI project using the Wooly Pockets and turning your fence into a garden!