Friday, April 15, 2011

Inspiration: Garage Sale Mania!

In years previous, our Garage Sales have garnered a reputation of being really fun, a great place to stock up on all things Smoking Lily and a little crazy. However, we have been learning through the years how to turn down the crazy and keep it fun for all who attend. You have probably all heard the rumours of line-ups around the block, but we have devised a strategy to combat this. This year, we open the doors of our studio at 1 pm and keep them open until 7 pm. We will be putting out fresh stock throughout the day, replenishing the selection and thereby negating the need to rush in first thing. Last year this strategy worked very well, and with the exception of the line-up for the very first wave of enthusiasts, we had no line-ups past 2 pm. I will be updating the blog throughout the day and letting you all know how it is going, if there are any line-ups and snapping pics of the most exciting deals of the day. So if you have to go to work today, feel free to visit us afterwards - and don't worry there will still be plenty of Lily to pick up and enjoy.

Update 2:45 p.m. - There is no line up outside and lots of goodies to choose from yet!

Update 4:20 p.m. - It's official, the last dress has been sold but there are still lots of awesome skirts.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the fantastic garage sale! :)

granitegirl08 said...

Wow - sounds like fun! Any plans for a garage sale in the summer...when some of your overseas on-line buyers might be in the area?

Smoking Lily said...

I'm sorry GraniteGirl, but we probably won't be hosting a Garage Sale this summer. However, we are looking into the logistics of having some form of Online Garage Sale in the future for our out of town customers. We'll keep you posted!

granitegirl08 said...

Thanks Smoking Lily - I like the way you keep all your friendly loyals in mind. You're simply wonderfuL!

Smoking Lily said...

that was a fun sale. It feels good to get all the cupboards cleared out. Thanks so much to everyone that came and that's to Erin for making it out from Vancouver to work the sale.
See you all next year!