Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Smoking Lily Loves the Environment

I'm not sure if the small, local business model just inherently goes along with environmental awareness in a P.B.&J. kind of way, or if that's just the way we roll here at Smoking Lily--maybe a bit of both?--but I find we've often got "green" on the brain around these parts. In celebration of Earth Day this coming Friday, we're going to feature a number of "eco"-themed posts over the next two weeks on topics ranging from environmentally friendly fabrics to the simple things we do as manufacturers to keep waste in check.

In addition to reading about some of the things we're doing to stay green here at Smoking Lily, you can get more involved by checking out Earth Day Canada's site for listings of Earth Day events happening in your own 'hood. The Queen of Green blog from the David Suzuki Foundation's very own Lindsay Coulter is also a fabulous source of information on all sorts of the little, everyday things we can all do to get more down with Mother Earth (and I just noticed that Lindsay is pictured wearing our very own David Suzuki fundraiser dress in her latest blog post--woo hoo!).

Go, Earth, go!


Smoking Lily said...

I got my hand slapped today. I was cleaning up the back room and tossed a busted phone in the garbagio. Steph came and game me a list of places in town where you can recycle broken electronics and one place was the next block over! In her post this week she will share with you an easy link to find this kind of info.

Erin said...

Ha! Good one, Steph! But seriously, it's funny how easy it is not to think about that kind of stuff; on the other hand, it just goes to show how easy it is to learn and start making those little adjustments! Good work, Trish!