Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Where I Live: Where you can go prawning in February!

Oh West Coast, you can get us down will all the grey and rain, but thankfully you do often provide a great February break, giving us a nice glimpse of Spring.

This past weekend I went over to Vancouver Island to visit my Dad and his wife (Happy Birthday Janet!) in Chemainus. We took advantage of the good weather and headed out on my Dad's boat to seek out some prawns.

* Warning to vegans, vegetarians and the squeamish, we were seeking them out to catch them and feast upon them for dinner*

We launched the boat right in front of my Dad's house (it's on left-hand portion of the pretty coastline) and headed out for a short ride to drop the traps.

We putted over to Tent Island, moored in the bay, watched young eagles soaring, a bald headed eagle chase a seagull until it dropped the fish in it's mouth for the eagle to have for lunch, and a heron swoop and squawk over head. After 2 hours of nature shows and a snack chased down with lovely Sunday afternoon beer (one of my favorite beers), we headed back to check the prawn traps.

They were loaded! Between 60 and 100 prawns in each of the 4 traps.

We had to juggle things about to find a second bucket to hold our haul.

Upon cleaning and sorting the prawns (and counting the 5 we ate raw with soy sauce on the boat) Christopher and I discovered that we had caught a total of 381 prawns!

We served quite the tempura feast that night for Janet's birthday, and had a second amazing seafood dinner the following night in town with friends. Our freezer is well stocked and our minds are full of all the funny, beautiful and happy memories. Oh West Coast, thank you! and thank you too Dad!


Smoking Lily said...

that is a lot of prawns!!!!

glenda said...

I know! Crazy! We are pretty happy about the whole thing. Tomorrow night some will get served as part of a Turkish Feast we are cooking for friends - a fun dinner challenge thing that we are doing round robin each month with 2 other couples. This time the prawns get baked with tomatoes and spices and Haloumi cheese - yum!