Friday, February 4, 2011

Lily Inspiration: Competition

The inspiration at the studio today is a good ol' competition! We are in mass production of duvet sets right now. The super duper vacuuming has been done, so the huge fabric pieces will be clean and fresh for your Valentines bed. Print tables have been cleaned and fresh supple fabric pressed flat, ready for printing. Now what to print? That is where the competition came in.

Trish and I printed the usual suspects that have been so popular (hare, enormous heart, ship... which are in the stores already) but we wanted to come up with something "fun and colourful" to brighten up those bedrooms. She is printing one set and I am doing the other. Whoever's sells first wins! Trish madly called Glenda in Vancouver to get her input, and is going for a more bold scheme: bright green flies and roses are involved so far--but she's not done. I am going for a more "fresh spring is just around the corner" theme involving bikes and grass and little birds. These babies should be ready by the middle of next week, so I will get the completed photos up then. For now, here are some shots of the bedding in progress.


rachael said...

someone wants to buy the bike duvet! I will! Doing a little dance right now)

rachael said...

I mean win. I was so excited I couldn't even type do to my dancing

Erin said...

Rachel, you are hilarious!